Winter Forest w/Reindeer
Damask “cheater” quilt
SouthWestern Mountain Retreat - & No direction known > Arrows.
SouthWestern Mountain Retreat -neutral challenge
 Apricots Unlimited my new design for the Unlimited pallets challenge. I’ve been busy canning apricots from my trees. Head over to SpoonFlower today to vote and see lots of designs. (oh my > 800!)
Boys Do Wonder
  Puzzled Triangles?    Is my take on the Minimalist Abstract contest. Voting open May 16th-21st, 2019 . Head over to SpoonFlower to  >>Vote<<  Your support is always appreciated! : )
  Tlingit Feathers  design and  Tlingit Feathers Collection
  Shibori Tiles ~ Quilted   I made this using sunscreen fabric and some lavender flowers- I then quilted the piece and then used a portion of the piece to create this tile design.
Unlimited boxes - coral limited palette
  Dessert Highs
  Rockabilly Jitterbug Dancin'
 Tree of Life -Blues In memory.  Available at  as pre-made items on  Spoonflower as fabric.
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